Devonshire Freemasons join national appeal for Ukraine.

ukriane war

Red Cross medic in Poland helping a family newly arrived from Ukraine - Credit: Devon Freemasons

The Devon Freemasons donate £50,000 to the British Red Cross to help Ukrainian refugees.

Thousands of Ukrainian refugees will be given help and support from Freemasons in England and Wales including the local donation from the masons. 

The Masonic Charitable Foundation and the United Grand Lodge of England monitored the growing refugee crisis of over 500,000 Ukrainian people who have been forced from their country or been internally displaced from their homes.

We are seeking to identify the most critical needs and we are pleased to be able to support and work with the British Red Cross in helping the growing number of refugees.

Leader of Devonshire’s Freemasons Ian Kingsbury says: “The situation in Ukraine is horrific and I urge all of Devonshire’s Freemasons and Lodges to do what they can to support the appeal.

We encourage Freemasons and others wishing to support Ukraine to donate via the Relief Chest online appeal page at