Two-year lockdown milestone is a time to reflect on 'how hard life has been'

Coronavirus Picture: Getty Images

It's been two years since the country went into lockdown - Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto

Last Thursday marked the two-year anniversary of the first lockdown. It was a strange one for me, as I mustered up the courage to attend my first big social gathering in all that time, the Mayor’s Dinner last Saturday. Lots of community groups were there, not just ‘the great and the good’. Although a great time was had by most if not all, it was a sobering reminder of how hard life has been without spontaneous social interactions. 

As well as the loss of loved ones, it’s been the memories we never made which upsets me the most. I was suffering from agoraphobia by the time the lockdown had come to an end. I had piled on an incredible amount of weight – nobody else’s fault, but mine. A few people flourished during the pandemic and came out of it even more confident, I have to confess that I did not.  

As we begin to come out of the other side, it’s been amazing to get back to the little things that take on a new meaning, things taken for granted before the pandemic – I value my weekly six-a-side football match all the more now since it was taken away. My reflective mood in this column is partly down to the fact I turned 30 on Sunday. As I wave goodbye to my 20s, I have five pledges and resolutions for the next decade and beyond. First, I will stay as fit as I can, knowing that if we ever have another lockdown, I wouldn’t want to enter it as I entered the last one! Second, I am giving up alcohol – it is no way to deal with stress. Third, I’ll say ‘no’ more to things I don’t want to do or cannot help with. Fourth, I will finally learn to drive, even though I hate cars. Finally, fifth, I will travel – the pandemic has reminded us how precious that ability truly is. 

This has been a rare self-indulgent column. As I return to weekly column writing, next week will not be about me.