Public transport investment and carbon taxing – prospective MPs weigh in on climate change

Election candidates in the Honiton and Tiverton constituency have shared their thoughts on climate c

Election candidates in the Honiton and Tiverton constituency have shared their thoughts on climate change. Picture: Canva/Getty Images - Credit: Canva/Getty Images

Investment in public transport, alternative energy sources and carbon taxing are among the ideas prospective MPs hope will help the fight against climate change.

Candidates hoping to be selected as Tiverton and Honiton's MP have been sharing their thoughts on the global environmental crisis.

Registered voters are set to go to the polls on Thursday, December 12.

UKIP candidate Margaret Dennis claims climate change is 'not a settled science'.

She also accused protest group Extinction Rebellion of using the 'fear factor' to bully voters.

She said: "CO2 is not the danger - the lack of the trees and hedgerows, which take it up, is.

"They were, and are, being destroyed by ongoing development."

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Conservative candidate Neil Parish, who has been the sitting MP prior to this election, said he backed the Government putting in law that the UK will have 'net-zero' carbon emissions by 2050.

He said: "As Chair of the Environment Committee, I think the date is about right.

"We must continue utilising offshore wind, solar and also invest in tidal power to meet the target."

Labour candidate Elizabeth Pole said: "Labour's Green Industrial Revolution will achieve net zero carbon by the 2030s: with major wind, tidal and solar investment, insulating homes, exporting innovative environmental goods including electric cars, increased productivity prioritising green UK production, plastics remanufacturing and windfall-taxing oil companies."

Colin Reed, standing for the Green Party, said truth and transparency are essential in tackling climate change.

He said: "Parliament must legislate and provide the means for all of society to appropriately contribute and benefit.

"Carbon taxing is essential and the construction industry must evolve because 2030 deadline is non-negotiable."

John Timperley, candidate for the Liberal Democrats said they would invest in public transport and make sure all cars are electric by 2030.

He said: "We will de-carbonise finance and investment making the UK the green finance capital of the world.

"We will invest to de-carbonise buildings, power, transport, industry and agriculture."