Littleham youth club bid by teens

TWO Littleham teenagers are keen to start a youth club in a bid to keep youngsters off the streets during the evening.

TWO Littleham teenagers are keen to start a youth club in a bid to keep youngsters off the streets during the evening.

Roxy Newberry, 15, and Jayne Mernagh, 16, both from Nelson Drive, hit on the idea of a club to help tackle vandalism and crime being carried out by bored youths.

The community-spirited pair wants to hear from anyone willing to lend a hand finding suitable premises, donating equipment, securing funding and helping to run a club for teenagers aged 14 to 18.

The pair said teenagers often found themselves in trouble if they hung around on the streets, but in Littleham they had nowhere else to go.

Roxy said: "They moan about the youth around here but there is nothing for us to do. We are not even allowed to kick a ball in the street.

"If you are seen hanging around with certain people, you get the blame when things go wrong even if you are not involved.

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"We have got lots of ideas but we need help and support to make things happen.

"It would be really good if we could have a youth club."

To kick-start the project Exeter St Peter's School pupil Roxy and Exmouth Community College student Jayne have carried out a survey among local teenagers to gauge the need for a club - and the facilities required.

The wish-list revealed the Littleham teenagers hoped for a minibus and trips out and to take part in extreme sports, like abseiling.

Go-karting, paintballing and camping were also high on the list of youth club activities.

Roxy and Jayne recently took their idea to the Littleham Residents Association meeting, where they outlined their plans to the committee.

Exmouth police youth officer PC Gary Gates, in support of the teenagers' idea, said: "It's nice to see young people taking the initiative. It's their idea and their project.

"It's good to see they are being proactive in trying to fund it and plan it themselves."

Can you help Roxy and Jayne achieve their youth club for Littleham? Contact Mrs Newberry on 07950999338.

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