Littleham youth art project success

Littleham youngsters teamed up with artist Peter Snelling, taking part in his art project Hopes and Fears. the group’s work is being exhibited at Exeter’s Phoenix Arts Centre.

Littleham youngsters have taken part in an arts project resulting in an exhibition at Exeter’s Phoenix Arts Centre.

The group, from Exmouth, teamed up with children from the Exeter Royal Academy for Deaf Education and the Royal Devon and Exeter Hospital, taking part in artist in Peter Snelling’s project Hopes and Fears.

The youngsters were given the opportunity to express themselves through audio and visual recordings, together with screen prints and projections.

The groups worked together on the exhibition and a two-hour live broadcast from the Phonic FM radio station.

The project was funded by Media Box and the youngsters worked alongside Peter Snelling, George Barron and James Price.

As a result of the Exmouth youngsters’ enthusiasm a creative space and homework club has been set up by east Devon District Council’s SWITCH project.

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Polly Anderson, East Devon District Council community development worker, said:

“I would like to thank Media Box and the Phoenix Arts Centre, together with Phonic FM, for giving the young people of Exmouth, free of charge, the opportunity to be involved in this powerful and innovative cutting edge arts project, which is often only easily accessed by those living in cities.

“The young people in the East Devon deserve to have opportunities like this to be inspired, to be given a platform from which they can be heard and to feel part of a bigger picture.”