Littleham fight

As one of Littleham’s councillors, I write to emphasise that all Littleham’s town and district councillors remain committed to fight any major housing development on the Maer Valley.

We strongly believe the Maer Valley is an extremely attractive rural area that should be preserved for the benefit of Exmouth residents.

We also believe the access problems to the Maer Valley and Littleham make the area one of the least suitable for substantial housing development.

Recent and proposed developments on former Rolle College residential sites, together with the Devon Cliffs holiday camp, are already putting severe pressure on the roads and junctions in Littleham.

Also, it appears that employment in East Devon will largely arise on the eastern outskirts of Exeter. To have a large development that would mean people having to travel from the southern side of Exmouth does not make sense.

We are very disappointed that the Liberal Democrats chose to force through a motion in the town council that implicitly meant that the Maer Valley might have to suffer a major housing development, but we will continue the battle to defend it.

John Humphreys

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Town and district councillor for Littleham.