Transition Exmouth’s ‘library of things’ project get National Lottery funding boost

The Transition Exmouth team

The Transition Exmouth team - Credit: Catherine Causley, Bianca Davis and Angela Mynard

A project to create a ‘library of things’ in Exmouth has been boosted by National Lottery Funding. 

Transition Exmouth, a community group campaigning on ecological and green issues, has been awarded a grant of £3,440 as part of the National Lottery’s support of Transition Town projects. 

The money will be used to create a ‘library of things’ which is a place for people to hire many items for DIY or specialist equipment such as food dehydrators, long ladders or carpet cleaners. 

Catherine Causley, of the Transition Exmouth team which also includes Angela Maynard and Bianca Davis, said the initiative also helps to promote a ‘sharing economy’ in the town. 

Catherine Causley with her two children

Catherine Causley with her two children - Credit: Catherine Causley

Angela Mynard of Transition Exmouth

Angela Mynard of Transition Exmouth - Credit: Angela Mynard

Bianca Davis, project manager for the library of things

Bianca Davis, project manager for the library of things - Credit: Bianca Davis

She said: “We all have items taking up storage space that we use infrequently, so by setting up a library of things we can share these items.  

“It will lend domestic scale equipment so we are not in competition with normal hire shops, we won’t be renting out industrial floor sanders, big table saws or any other dangerous and frankly scary bits of specialist kit.  

“In addition to taking up valuable space at home, these things are expensive to buy.  

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“This also has a wider purpose, to encourage a sharing economy and being careful with resources.  

“The average drill has 13 minutes of useful life. All items will be regularly serviced and PAT tested where required.The Library of things aims to set up around April coronavirus restrictions permitting.” 

The National Lottery awarded the national Transition Network funding to support local Transition Town projects, 140 micro grants for up to £500 and 20 larger grants with the aim of supporting as many groups as possible. 

Transition Exmouth won one of the larger funding grants. 

Another project set to benefit, which is currently in the planning phase for Transiton Exmouth, is an e-cargo bike local delivery service.  

This project would offer a low carbon, sustainable local delivery service for local shops and businesses.  

Transition Exmouth say the lottery funding will also pay for a short trial, which, if successful, could become a permanent scheme 

To set up a ‘library of things’, Transition Exmouth will need some volunteer help and donated items. Anyone interested should email   

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