Let’s get town on the map

I love a town council with a sense of humour.

I love a town council with a sense of humour.

In Exmouth Town Council's newsletter recently, we were told how well this town is progressing and all praise to the council itself.

The examples given were:

1. The new bowling alley. I do not know if you know, but in Exeter a hotel has been built and opened in half the time that the bowling alley has taken to get to the half-built state it is in now. Any idea when it might be finished?

2.The life station, notice the missing word? Yes, it is BOAT. We have to be proud of the fact that Exmouth has a lifeboat station without a boat, brilliant. It is also in a place that is so wrong.

3. Elizabeth Hall. I swear that once upon a time it used to be an aquarium visited by lots of people until it was closed.

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4. Another screaming success, apparently, is the Avocet train line. I love the fact that the town council is so proud that the trains are full. The reason the trains are full is because people leave Exmouth to go to Exeter to shop and to work, not because Exmouth is a lovely place to visit.

5. And, finally, before I get off my soap box, I read someone at the council has noticed the Red Arrows have been performing at Dawlish. Hey, let's have a great idea. Let's have a duplicate of what Dawlish has already. What a laugh, well it would be if it was not so sad.

No wonder we are in such a state.

Here is an idea for our town council. We seem to have a popular area for kite boarding. I know nothing about this sport, but why not contact the people who do this and see if Exmouth could hold regional or national championships. Let us do something to get this town back on the map

Chris Manning,

8 Hollymount Close,