Leak could lead to problems

Further to Graham Britton's coverage of Exmouth s anti-flood crusade, our emphasis is not the water under our properties. That s always been there.

Further to Graham's Britton's coverage of Exmouth's anti-flood crusade, our emphasis is not the water under our properties. That's always been there.

Our concern is the lack of maintenance of culverts, gullies and drains to the north of the town and down and the dire state of both the Flood Prevention Scheme and the river wall.

For some time, we have been working towards getting all these problems dealt with, but an element of urgency has arisen because of an increase in a leak of estuary water into the junction of Salisbury and Hartopp Roads.

Unless the source of this leak is found and dealt with, there is a real risk of water pouring into the rest of the town centre, including shops.

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As though to add insult to injury, there are plans to build another estate off St John's Road. What in the world are planners thinking of?

Don't they know the situation, the pressure under which our sewerage system and our drains are working? How much more surface water do they suppose the badly maintained brook can carry?

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Thank goodness, John Wokersein is to reconvene a special committee that looks at this sort of problem. I think they're in for a shock.

Ann Prior,

75 Egremont Road,


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