Land worries

I recently had the misfortune to travel from junction 30 of the M5 to Rockbeare and was horrified to see what the bulldozers were doing to our countryside, all in the name of progress. What were the rolling Devon fields will now be full of little brick boxes a la Betjeman - no cows, our milk will be imported from Belgium.

The only people to profit from this will be the developers, the consultants and those who were wise enough to build up land banks for such an opportunity.

Presumably, any wildlife will, in future, be seen only in a game park, but do not touch - you might catch something.

Mr Prescott must be rolling in glee at what his machinations have done to this country.

This is soon to happen to Exmouth.

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Once upon a time, not many years ago, one could see glow-worms and wood ants’ nests on Woodbury Common, does anyone see either nowadays?

What you will see in future will be the detritus of another housing estate - oh, and if there is any space left over, let’s have a wind farm or two. All, naturally, in the name of progress.

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