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It was with a sense of fellow feeling that I read about Lympstone s problems with drains.

It was with a sense of fellow feeling that I read about Lympstone's problems with drains.

We, here in The Colony, had great problems some months back. We even had dinky little trees growing in the solid mass filling our drains!

The difference with Lympstone is that our drains were cleared within hours of Nigel Laws, of the Highways Department, becoming aware of our situation.

He was shocked by the condition of our drains and said we had every right to complain.

The thing is, he had thought that the drains had been routinely cleared.

The team who went through The Colony like a dose of salts were a cheerful bunch, who did good job very quickly.

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One thing we learned from them is that it is believed that there are only four drain cleaning machines in East Devon. That is something that those of us involved in our Dry Colony project were going to take up.

Maybe someone in Lympstone would like to ask the obvious question?

Ann Prior,

75 Egremont Road,