Judge not, lest...

PUBLISHED: 07:00 02 May 2014

I had to read and re-read Tamsin Richards’ letter (Opinion, April 17) complaining about the Journal printing a picture of the marriage of two homosexual men a few times, as I couldn’t quite believe my eyes.

I say congratulations to David and John and I am proud to live in a country which has given these two men the freedom to get married.

I hope Ms Richards doesn’t eat shellfish or pork, have any tattoos, round off the hair at the side of her head, or indeed is divorced, as these are also against the teachings of the Bible.

As an atheist who believes in a secular society, I do find it frustrating how the holy books of the various gods are interpreted and how some teachings accepted, whilst other are discounted and ignored.

If people want to follow a religion they are free to do so, but please do not judge others – no one is forcing you personally to go against the teachings of your holy book, and there is enough discrimination in the world already.

I wonder if in a few thousand years people will look back on the religions of today in the same way we look back on the Greek, Roman and Nordic gods ... I imagine they will.

Louise Kane

(via email)

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