Jubilee plans a foot in Otterton

The village of Otterton will mark the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee next year with a ‘major programme of events’ - culminating in a beacon lighting ceremony.

A dozen villagers have met with the parish clerk, David Ottley, and have held several meetings and a ‘tentative’ plan has been formed to hold a series of events on June 2.

And 10.30 pm on Monday, June 4, has been suggested as the time for the village to join the national beacon lighting ceremony which could be on Anchoring Hill.

There have been several ideas, including a picnic and even a special plaque and ideas involving the school and Ladram Bay – but the plans are still in there early stages.

The parish chairman, Councillor John Edmonds, said: “We want the whole community to get involved.We don’t want the celebrations led by the council, but by the community as well. It has to be something that the whole village wants.”

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