Job seekers’ success at Exmouth work club

Exmouth’s Glenorchy Church is inviting job seekers to go along to its weekly free club.

Exmouth’s jobseekers can have the backing of a host of volunteers, if they attend the weekly Glenorchy Work Club.

The free service to help get people back to work is held every Thursday, from 9.15am until 12.30pm, at Glenorchy Church hall, Exeter Road.

Anyone looking for a job is invited to pop into the club and see what it has to offer. The group has celebrated many success stories since it started in June – although the church says the credit for finding work lies solely with the applicants.

Club committee member Peter Brain said the ethos behind the club was to take the sting out of searching for a job in a relaxed atmosphere.

He said: “If unemployment is demoralising, what we are about is raising moral.

“For the majority of people, knowing they have got this place and can come here is a huge support.

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“We know of 10 clients who have found work after visiting the work club.

“We can’t claim the credit for it, but they have been here.”

The club opened in June with the support of 20 volunteers, most from the Glenorchy Church congregation.

There is also a small steering committee, which includes the church minister, The Reverend Robert Jennings, a church elder, who has spent a ‘lifetime’ in careers advice, and co-ordinator Sarah King, who has had 20 years’experience with the Job Centre.

Those looking for jobs can use one of the five laptops provided with funds from the Synod Trust.

There is help and advice for putting together applications and CVs, as well as print outs of the latest jobs, local newspapers with job pages - and plenty of tea and coffee.

Mr Brain said the work club was based on a similar model run in Axminster.

He said: “We want to serve the community.

“In a typical week, we will get about 20 clients and enquiries.

“We have advisers who are computer literate. We spend a lot of time with clients, drafting a CV and helping with applications.”