It’s not arrogant

PUBLISHED: 07:10 16 March 2013


Oh dear indeed! Mr Toole’s arrogance and condescension rivals that of our prime minister when he called UKIP “a bunch of fruitcakes and loonies”.

No expressions of belief, merely opinions stated as fact. Perhaps Mr Toole did not look closely enough when “looking back over history”?

He says that “another war between the members of the EU is inconceivable”, yet the EU seems hell bent on creating exactly those same social conditions in Italy, Spain and Greece that led to the rise of fascism in Italy, Germany and Spain and caused the Second World War.

His lack of comprehension of Mr Harlock’s view that same-sex marriage is a betrayal of the values his ancestors believed in and fought for, is unfortunate.

Our Queen is, de facto, not only the head of state but also Defender of the Faith – ie the Church of England, which holds that marriage is between a man and a woman and is sacrosanct.

Our society and much of our law is based on Christian values which, fortunately for Mr Toole, include the principle of tolerance.

We have long recognised the many different faiths and attitudes within our society and accepted civil partnerships.

However, many people still believe that same-sex marriage is contrary to Christian belief and that it is actually unconstitutional while the monarch remains the head of the Anglican Church.

I suggest that until such time as the UK adopts the French model of complete separation between church and state, by which marriage is legally a civic matter unrelated to religion, this impasse will remain.

Let me assure Mr Toole that, as I understand it, UKIP wants the UK to withdraw from the EU, not disband it altogether, which clearly a single country could not achieve.

Many people now believe that withdrawal, far from being foolish, would enable us to escape the European straightjacket that is causing hardship and preventing us developing trade links with our traditional partners around the world.

Mr Toole does recognise that we need “to abandon the more ludicrous aspects of EU bureaucracy”. However, I fear there is little chance of recovering any significant part of our national sovereignty that has been ceded to the EU over the past 40 years.

As Monsieur Hollande, the French prime minister, so succinctly put it, you don’t join a football club and demand to play rugby.

Is it really arrogant to want to determine how we live rather than being dictated to by an unelected and undemocratic European Union?

John Fletcher

Barnfield Avenue, Exmouth

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