It never rains but...

PUBLISHED: 07:10 20 April 2013

The current state of the economy and the actions of the Government have made me incandescent with rage.

On the one hand we have Ian Duncan Smith who reckons he could live on £53 per week .

It ought to be compulsory for him to try.

On the other, we have that smug , superior (look at the photos of him!) George Osborne taking advantage of the despicable case of the Philpott murders to stick the boot into those who are unfortunate enough , yet quite rightly qualify, to get state benefits, tarring all on welfare with his condescending brush!

I’m running out of other hands already!

We have an MP in our constituency quite unruffled to spend more than seven weeks worth of Ian Duncan Smith’s (I could manage on £53) allowance, and public money on a Mulberry computer bag, which reportedly cost £395. Inexcusable.

There has to be something wrong with the politics of this country when it is run by public school boys who are not taken to task for spouting such unmitigated rubbish, but apparently they can say whatever they like and we have to put up with it!

There will be elections, both local and (not soon enough) national when we can do to Osborne and Co what they are doing to the people of this country (except the elite of course!).

Finally, one for those who are about to be hit with a bedroom tax, the deputy PM has recently returned from his parent’s 20-bedroomed luxury home in Davos where he was fortunate enough to spend Easter!

It never rains, but it pours.

Mike Fairclough

Via email

● Editor’s note: Hugo Swire has since repaid the £395 he claimed for the computer bag.

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