It just ain’t democratic

I d like to address a couple of Ian Woolger s assertions in his latest missive to the Journal.

I'd like to address a couple of Ian Woolger's assertions in his latest missive to the Journal.

1) Public pressure groups: Would Ian argue that, without the likes of Wat Tyler, William Wilberforce, Suffragettes, Tolpuddle Martyrs and many other groups in the past, the world would be a better place?

I, for one, would argue that, without pressure groups, our children would still be working down the mines, our women would not have the vote, and our MP would not have to justify wasting public money on multi purchases of cameras, or being paid �500 per hour for .... well, what exactly?

2)Democracy: (and I've pointed this fact out before) No government in this country has received a popular mandate since WWII.

What I mean by that is that, more people voted against the "first past the post" winner than voted for it.

Labour's (sorry new Labour's) landslide in 1997 was achieved despite the fact that approx 62.2 per cent did not vote for them... and Thatcher benefited, too, using the same "warped logic"

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This cannot be regarded in any way, shape or form as democratic, it's just what we allow the two main parties to get away with 'cos they make the rules, and they make them to suit themselves.

... as for anarchy, well anarchy is just a word, interpreted by many people, in many ways, and there are those who would argue that we do indeed live in a "fascist" country and we have for many years.

As I said, it 'ain't democratic!

Mike Fairclough,

19 Withycombe Road, Exmouth.