Invest in youth

Exmouth regeneration: the town needs to remember the younger generation in its plans for improvement.

Exmouth Skate Park, for the vast population of children in Exmouth, is the only space they can use to practice this sport. The number of children will rise over the years in Exmouth; we are already running short of school places and housing.

The sport of skating and scooters should be encouraged and embraced by the town and provided for, as another central location for this generation of children and those to come to exercise, be safe and enjoy.

The vast open space in The Strand is like dangling a carrot in front of a donkey.

The majority of parents now encourage our children to stay fit and healthy and, as a parent, we want our children to be active. Maybe everyone should think about the bigger picture of Exmouth and, instead of excluding, include respectfully.

Exmouth is building numerous amounts of retirement flats/homes, regenerating The Strand to attract visitors and trade and new families.

The children have, for years, asked for another modern skate park. For a town this size, it is desperately needed, which would not only, hopefully, solve this problem of children using the Strand Gardens, but, if in close proximity to the town, would also boost sales of food and drinks in the shops and cafes.

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I urge the town council to invest in the younger generation and not let the town become a retirement community or alienate the youngsters.

K Jones


(via email).