Insect expert conducts guided walks

INSECT expert Dr Elaine Harrison introduced visitors to some of the insects and butterflies that live in the species-rich meadow next to A la Ronde in Exmouth.

A la Ronde volunteer and entomologist Dr Harrison led two walks as part of National Insect Week at the National Trust property.

Staff this year have already spotted several species of butterfly in the grounds recently including red admirals, common blues, speckled woods and green- veined whites, as well as red- tailed bumblebees and the six-spot burnet moth.

A quiz trail looked at beneficial insects and their role controlling pest species in the garden.

Lesley Strong, Property Administrator said: “This week alone we have seen Red Admirals (newly arrived from the continent), Common Blue, Speckled Wood and Green Veined White butterflies, along with Red tailed Bumblebees and 6-Spot Burnet Moth.

“The locally rare Green Hairstreak has also recently been spotted in the meadow.

“Normally associated with heath land, it is thought that the butterfly had been attracted to the fresh growth of brambles on the perimeter walk.”