Increased police patrols in Exmouth

There will be an increase of police patrols in Exmouth this Bank Holiday weekend in an attempt to stop drink-fuelled anti-social behaviour.

POLICE will be stepping up patrols in Exmouth to deal swiftly with drink-related behaviour this Bank Holiday weekend.

An increase in drink-fuelled anti-social behaviour and violence often occurs, particularly if the weather is good.

Sergeant Graeme Johnston said: “We want everyone to enjoy themselves – responsibly and safely. Whilst most people drink responsibly, there are a small minority that do not.

“Alcohol can dramatically change someone’s behaviour which can often result in them doing something they may not do whilst sober. We are asking people to think about the consequences before they begin their night out.

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“We want people to remember that one drink too many could change their night and the repercussions of their actions could lead them to a criminal record.”

Some tips to stay safe and have fun this Bank Holiday are:

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• Don’t try to keep up with friends who drink more than you

• Always walk away from trouble

• Eat before you go out to reduce the effects of alcohol

• Drink water regularly during the evening

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