Immigration officers make two arrests in Exmouth

TWO people were arrested when immigration officers visited an Exmouth restaurant.

TWO people were arrested when immigration officers visited an Exmouth restaurant.

UK Border Agency officers recently visited China Garden, at Imperial Road, where they arrested two people believed to have been working illegally.

Officers said a Malaysian man was found working without a valid visa and a Chinese woman was discovered working in the UK illegally.

The pair was taken to Torquay police station for further questioning.

Later the Chinese woman was released on immigration bail while the other offender remains in custody.

The UK Border Agency said the pair will be removed from the UK as soon as possible.

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China Garden is to be served with a civil penalty notice warning the employers that a fine of up to �10,000 per offender will be imposed unless proof is provided that legally-required checks were made before giving the workers jobs.

Officers also made arrests at restaurants in Axminster and Exeter.

Jane Farleigh, regional director of the UK Border Agency in Wales and the South West, said:"If people want to live or work in the UK, there are ways they can come here legitimately - such as applying through our points-based system for migration.

"If people choose to flout the law, we will find them and look to remove them from the country.

"Any employer who takes on a foreign national without permission to work in the UK is breaking the law, undermining law-abiding businesses and faces a big fine."

The UK Border Agency said the government was currently making a series of reforms to the UK's immigration system.

ID Cards for foreign nationals were to be introduced to help protect against identity fraud and illegal working.

The Australian-style points based system, for managing migration, ensures only those with the skills the UK needs are allowed to work.

Anyone who has information on immigration offenders in Devon can contact the UK Border Agency on 01752 275161.