If you can't take criticism, resign

PUBLISHED: 07:10 23 May 2014


It was reported in the Journal dated May 1, 2014, that the Lib Dem councillor Eileen Wragg must apologise to a Conservative councillor, John Humphreys, for comments she made last May at a council meeting.

She made the point on May 13, 2013, that, in her opinion, Cllr Humphreys does not represent the people of Exmouth and, accordingly, will not apologise.

Cllr Eileen Wragg is completely correct in not apologising as, I believe, her remark is 100 per cent accurate.

I would argue that Cllr Humphreys does not represent the people of Exmouth. I feel that what he does represent is the Conservative dogma all too often displayed by the Conservative-led town council and indeed the Conservative-led East Devon District Council (EDDC) where inappropriate development is concerned.

The Tory mantra is, I believe:

Give planning permission to develop where the vast majority of local people do not want a development, pay workers peanuts and let the food banks do the rest.

1. Cllr Humphreys ignored 12,000 local voters (62 per cent of the local voting population) and then voted for the demolition of the Elizabeth Hall and the consequent development of a Premier Inn hotel on the seafront.

2. He also did not vote against the Plumb Park development, but chose to abstain, instead going against local Littleham 

3. He also appears hell-bent on turning Exmouth seafront into another Blackpool, which, I believe, is against the majority of local people’s wishes.

4. After reading his election leaflet prior to the May 2013 local council election and after being invited to contact Cllr Humphreys, I emailed him with points that I considered important and asked for clarification. I received no reply.

Cllr Eileen Wragg was reported by the Tory-led town council to the Tory-led EDDC and investigated by Tories at an unnecessary cost to local taxpayers.

A solicitor was in attendance as a legal adviser to the sub-committee. How much did he cost the local taxpayer?

Well done to Cllr Eileen Wragg for standing up to the Conservatives. Long may she continue to represent local people.

If Cllr Humphreys cannot accept what I believe to be mild criticism, I suggest he resigns. He should also pay back the local taxpayers’ money it cost to hold this standards committee investigation.

Philip Smith

(via email)

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