Icebound town: big questions are being asked

It was interesting to see the letter from Anita Jennings, in last week’s Journal, followed that from Ann Liverton, who is an East Devon District Councillor and Sidmouth town councillor. It will be good for readers to know that, as it sets her stance in perhaps a different perspective. [Her husband is also chairman of East Devon District Council, as well as also being a Sidmouth town councillor.] I assume her letter was as a local resident and not in any official capacity.

Anita Jennings clearly sets out the feelings of Budleigh Salterton residents about the approach to a caring attitude from those councils responsible for keeping roads open, pavements and residents safe, and essential services provided, during snow and ice conditions.

I am a Budleigh Salterton town councillor and know that our mayor is already taking appropriate action to get answers to what level of service was delivered to us by East Devon District Council, and Devon County Council, as compared to other East Devon towns. We will then need to determine the appropriate level of service we need and how it is delivered, in future similar situations.

I hear that the EDDC staff car park at the Knowle, Sidmouth, was cleared of snow/ice to make it safe for employees. This was either done by their own Streetscene staff or by employing a contractor, whichever it was, the local council tax payers footed the bill. Is this an appropriate spend of our money, I wonder? Were EDDC Streetscene staff used in towns in snow/ice clearing and other ‘non usual services’ for that team?

Ann Liverton finished her letter by saying, ‘let’s get things in perspective, shall we…’ Yes, let’s do that, and recognise that people who live in places other than Sidmouth have opinions that have value.

Chris Kitson,

26 Honey Park Road,

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Budleigh Salterton.