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With reference to the closing of The Manor Gardens for a private function, I am at odds with Mr Green.

The closing of a public space for a public performance is hardly a new idea. I believe that Hyde Park in London is a ‘public place’, yet I paid to see a concert there featuring The Who and Pink Floyd.

I hardly think that closing the area for one day of the year is going to inconvenience too many people. Construction and roadworks often close the ‘public’ roads, but we adjust our behaviour temporarily and find another route.

As it is ‘owned’ by the ratepayers, it is possible that the council is charging a levy for the use of the gardens anyway, which will make a contribution to keeping our rates bills down!

The promoter of the event has risked his own money to put on a day of entertainment for people and I hope the event is a great success and that it becomes a regular date on the calendar.

Anything that brings people into Exmouth must be good for the town and its hard-pressed traders - and ends the main summer season with a high.

Just for the record, I am not a young tearaway, but a gentleman of advanced years who applauds innovation, rather than just complaining about it because it is different.

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