How can he still represent us?

So Councillor Malcolm Florey intends to keep his ‘oar stuck in’ as regards the affairs of Budleigh Salterton, even though he has deserted to another country.

I understand that, legally, he can remain as a councillor until the next election (who said that the law was an Ass?), but hardly moral.

Why should a person resident outside our area, let alone our country, carry jurisdiction over the residents of East Devon? Surely, his responsibilities are now due to his friends etc, in France!

As regards our other two councillors, I consider it is up to them, individually, to say what, if any, support they will give him for the remainder of his term in office.

How strange that the article in the paper concludes with a reference to Pooh Cottage, a dire affair that has already earned East Devon District Council a severe reprimand from the Local Authority Ombudsman for ‘maladministration’ and a number of turn-downs from the Planning Inspectorate at Bristol.

Reg Bamber,

Dalditch Lodge,

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Dalditch Lane, Knowle,

Budleigh Salterton.