Permission to build 42 new houses on the outskirts of Lympstone has been lodged with East Devon District Council.

The new development is South Of Meeting Lane Lympstone, and will have 42 houses, including bungalows The proposals include a mix of one, two, three, four and five-bedroom homes in a variety of types. 10 homes will be affordable rented homes and four intermediate homes.

The site can be viewed as three fields, currently separated by the existing hedgerows that run between them.

The new development is being built by 3West Group, which is a privately owned, local house builder based in Woodbury. They say they have "a wealth of experience delivering homes across Devon. They do not strictly adhere to a standard portfolio of house types, enabling their developments to be designed for each specific location."

The site has been identified by East Devon District Council as being the most suitable place to build new homes at Lympstone, as part of their Local Plan review process. East Devon has draft allocated the site for the development of around 46 new homes. These proposals would develop the remainder of the field that was not previously included within the boundary.

The houses will be built to blend in with the locality. Before the application was submitted, 3West and Grainge Architects met with 3 of the local Parish Councillors on-site to discuss the proposals. The meeting was reported on within the Village Newsletter. Consultation Website 3West has provided a community consultation website.

Two access lanes will be built from Meeting Lane and the second from Strawberry Hill. Walking routes have been proposed within the green infrastructure throughout the site.

The application has been submitted to East Devon District Council, where it will be discussed and reviewed by officers. The plans will then be approved or refused.