Horse rapist - owner was ‘thrilled’ when pervert was caught.

The owner of a horse subjected to a series of vile sex attacks was ‘thrilled’ when police caught perverted Derek Woods. Detective Constable Darren Campbell said it was the ‘most unusual’ case he had ever investigated.

EXMOUTH detectives, who caught a pervert who preyed on horses with a covert CCTV sting in a stable, say it is the “most unusual” case they have ever investigated.

Cops utilised an infra-red camera and a camouflaged alarm system, usually reserved for top drugs operations, in a bid stop Derek Woods, 26.

Officer in the case Detective Constable Darren Campbell, from Exmouth CID, was satisfied with the punishment handed to Woods at Exeter Crown Court on Friday.

He said Woods’ depraved acts on a horse had left its owner Magie Hunt living in fear.

“I’m pleased we’ve caught him because all of this was causing the owner real worry,” DC Campbell told the Journal. “She was scared every time she went to feed her horses.”

“We used equipment from high end drugs jobs to get power to a very remote building. “Officers that would never come and deal with a crime like this got involved and gave us the result in court.”

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Woods’ DNA was found at the scene and later matched to him.

DC Campbell praised Mrs Hunt’s patience. “She’s absolutely thrilled and I’m happy we’ve been able to find out who it was,” he added.

“I have to say this is the most unusual case I’ve ever investigated.”

He said he hoped Woods would receive help for a drinking problem and other issues highlighted in the case.

“He’s got to live with everyone knowing what’s happened to him,” added the detective.