Honiton should take the housing

Why is Exmouth to take the brunt of the latest new house building in East Devon? It is the wrong shape to expand any more and, in fact, has already become too big for its location.

Because of its position, with the sea on one side and the river on a second side, its shape is a quarter of a circle. Its town “centre” is situated at the corner of this quarter circle. To spread out any further from this corner is definitely impossible from the point of view of traffic and travel.

Honiton has a much better configuration for further development and should be chosen for this latest allocation of new houses. Exmouth has had a disproportionate amount of new housing imposed upon it already.

The other reason that Exmouth cannot take any further development is that its infrastructure is inadequate.

Over the last 40 years, it has absorbed an enormous number of new dwellings. There has been little increase in health, school and employment provision and any further development will make a bad situation much worse.

There should definitely be a ban on any more retirement flats. People move into these from outside the area, in good health, and, within 10 years or so, have strokes or other major illnesses.

The local social services and rehabilitation provision are overloaded because the population age in Exmouth is already out of balance, with too large a proportion of over 70s.

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As a former health professional, I can speak on this subject with authority. Incidentally, Honiton has a large, very modern hospital, so could absorb more additional health problems than Exmouth could.

Exmouth is the largest town in East Devon and its rates contribute greatly to the finances of East Devon, but residents feel as if people who do not have its best interests at heart make all decisions about its development.

There are far too many occasions when East Devon District Council planners negate Exmouth Town Council decisions. I feel strongly that the views of Exmouth councillors, who know the town well and who reflect the opinions of Exmouth residents, should not be continually overturned.

I would urge everybody, who feels as worried about this issue, as I do, to put their views in writing to the Planning Policy Section, East Devon District Council, Knowle, Sidmouth, EX10 8HL or by e mail to Idf@eastdevonsiov.uk. by Tuesday, November 30.

From a very

concerned resident.