Hillcrest worries

Roger Thomas s letter Close scrutiny of planners (Journal, Feb 18) may be turning prophetic.

Roger Thomas's letter "Close scrutiny of planners" (Journal, Feb 18) may be turning prophetic.

Constant telephone enquiries to East Devon District Council's office about the schedule for planning committee meetings and agendas relating to the Hillcrest School development are being half-answered, warily and with caution.

After the failed attempt to get this matter through planning during the Christmas period, it now appears that nobody in the EDDC office is able to confirm a date when this matter will come before the committee.

Instead, the office has intimated that the matter may now be dealt with "in consultations" where "it could be passed without reverting to the planning committee".

As far as I am aware, the public are not being invited to attend these "consultations".

So is the big rubber stamp being inked once again? If so, it will be a travesty of planning administration. There are too many interested parties and serious questions to be answered for the public to be precluded on this issue.

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Tom Earls,

12 Humphries Park, Exmouth

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