Hillcrest trees

I write to strongly object to the recent application to remove 46 trees on the Hillcrest School development site.

With some few exceptions, these trees are mature and healthy; furthermore, they are under the protection of an Area Tree Preservation Order.

Their removal has now been proposed purely to facilitate the ongoing development of the site.

The panning application for this site included a layout to develop the site that specified which trees would be removed and the reasons for such removal.

In being granted the application, the developer has an obligation to develop the site without the need to remove or damage any additional healthy trees.

In my opinion, this new proposal does not comply with the conditions imposed on the permission granted by East Devon District Council and is contrary to the development brief for Hillcrest School.

The loss of these trees will significantly affect the natural ecosystem of the area. Furthermore, flood water retention that would be naturally assisted by the existence of the trees will be effected and exacerbate flood run off into the Withycombe Brook.

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If this application is granted, it will be yet another example of a developer being allowed to circumvent planning restrictions and will give further credence to general public opinion that the current planning system in Exmouth is chaotic.

Tom Earls

(via email).