Budleigh's community workshop is proud of its heritage

The team of volunteers outside their refurbished workshop

The team of volunteers outside their refurbished workshop - Credit: Budleigh Community Workshop

The Budleigh Community Workshop has now completed the refurbishment of its centre of operations at the Old Fire Station, behind the Public Hall, and is offering activity opportunities. 
Bill McDermott from the workshop said: “The Heritage Board in the workshop is a fantastic testament to the generosity of our community and records donors, suppliers and volunteers who have enabled the purchase and creation of this unique community asset. There are more than 325 names on the board and in addition we have also received many anonymous contributions to make this happen.”
The team of volunteers have been buoyed by all the support they’ve had from Budleigh residents. We have also received donations of tools and equipment to help get started with our courses from Basic Carpentry and Woodcarving to Knitting for Beginners, from tool sharpening and woodturning to craft open mornings,” added Bill.
Now the workshop is looking ahead to recruit specialists to help share their knowledge and expertise. Bill said: “We are adding to the list of activities and also intend to offer DIY clinics in due course. But we need individuals prepared to instruct and pass on their skills.”
For a further list of what Budleigh Community Workshop has to offer new members visit their website at www.budleighcommunityworkshop.org.uk but you will need to visit the Workshop to enrol fully. The best times are Monday to Friday from 9am to 12pm when one of our volunteers will be happy to assist.

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