Helpful witches

May I, through your excellent columns, say to fellow witches and wizards – greetings? Sorry I missed you in your fantastic costumes – all the witching world would be proud of you.

May I also take this opportunity to thank Sue Brown, of Freelands Close, and send greetings to her witching granddaughter?

On my way back from the excellent NHS Dentist in Salterton Road, I was caught in a downpour and Sue Brown kindly gave me a lift home, for which I am most grateful.

No doubt her many wizarding friends would like an update on the career of my great niece, Emma Watson – Hermione Granger in the Harry Potter films.

She won a place a Trinity College, Cambridge, and I hoped she would follow a literary career.

However, she chose to take up a place at Browne University, New Jersey, USA, where she is reading for a degree in Arts and Literature, while pursuing a successful modelling career in New York.

The excellent eight Harry Potter films series is complete and, for those who missed it, may I recommend the DVD series.

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Witches and wizards can do positive things to defect the powers of evil – and, as a confirmed Anglican Christian, I have no problems in valuing their contribution.

Trevor Luesby

55 Holland Road, Exmouth.