Exmouth’s Helena named ‘children’s champion’ 

Helena Meineck, of All Saints pre-school, is named 'children's champion'

Helena Meineck, of All Saints pre-school, is named 'children's champion' - Credit: Helena Meineck

An Exmouth woman has been recognised as a ‘children’s champion’ in 2021. 

Helena Meineck, who runs the All Saints Pre-School, was one of 10 people who have made the finals of the Family Children’s Champion 2021 award. 

She has been running the pre-school for 12 years and has seen many changes in that time. 

Helena said she is ‘blown away’ and said ‘can’t get her head round’ being named as the winner. 

Speaking when she was nominated, she said: “As far as I am concerned though, being considered in the top 10 early years professionals in the country is already an amazing win for me. 

“I feel honoured and humbled at the same time.  

“To be honest, this is more than a job for me – it has become my whole life.  

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“Of course, it doesn’t come without its challenges but I couldn’t do it without the support and dedication of three extraordinary people: Helen, Monika and Bozena - my dedicated and wonderful staff.  

“But my untiring passion to always make children’s start in life a positive one will never end – my work won’t stop here.  

“Being chosen as one of the top ten early years professionals in the country is an enormous honour and it’s given me a really big incentive to continue onwards in this amazing journey.” 

The awards organisers said: “Helena brings her own diverse, multicultural community to the heart of her setting.  

“This jumped out at me, as she goes above and beyond to include every child and their unique heritage into the work that she does.  

“She brings different communities and cultures together, and that’s nothing short of magical.  

“On top of that, her delicate attention to vulnerable children reminded me the power practitioners have in making a child’s future.” 

A few months ago, Helena was nominated for the Family Children’s Champion award for 2021 and was one of 700 to be put forward. 

The awards are fun by Family, a business which helps nurseries and schools organise their communication and admin. 

Helena was announced as a winner during a virtual award ceremony held on Wednesday (March 31).