Health kick helps determined Exmouth man, 78, reverse diabetes

John Flockhart - who has lost 2stone and reversed Type 2 Diabetes - with Corin Bryant, Exmouth Leisu

John Flockhart - who has lost 2stone and reversed Type 2 Diabetes - with Corin Bryant, Exmouth Leisure Centres toning studio supervisor. - Credit: Archant

A 78-year-old Exmouth man has successfully reversed type 2 diabetes through his commitment to fitness and his determination to lose weight.

And the local leisure centre that helped John Flockhart to lose weight says it’s ‘proud to have played a role’ in his success.

John had been diagnosed with the potentially fatal condition, but adopting a controlled diet, reducing his alcohol intake and taking daily exercise at the town’s leisure centre has helped him to conquer the problem.

Last year, John’s diabetic nurse referred him to the Exmouth Leisure Centre for its weight management scheme.

John – a keen and successful bowls player, who has previously competed at national level and won the Exmouth Madeira Bowls Indoor Men’s Singles Championship in 2013 – successfully lost two stone in weight.

He did so by eating less food, cutting down on alcoholic drinks and exercising at the centre on a regular basis.

John signed up to the centre’s 12-week weight management scheme. Funded by Devon County Council, the scheme offers weight management support through healthy lifestyle and physical activity programmes.

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John used the toning studio at Exmouth Leisure Centre to help him lose weight. The studio features 12 toning tables – power-assisted exercise machines, designed to facilitate movement, helping people to lose weight and increase strength without causing strain.

“John found out recently after getting blood test results back that he no longer suffers from the condition,” said Corin Bryant, Exmouth Leisure Centre’s toning studio supervisor.

“Type 2 diabetes is a potentially fatal condition and the leading cause of adult blindness and surgical amputation in the UK, so the fact that John has reversed this is great news.

“John’s story is a testament to the fact that you can make a drastic positive impact on your health and wellbeing by committing to a healthy lifestyle.

“John’s advice is to be determined, eat smaller portions at meal times and limit alcohol intake.

“These simple changes – as well as using Exmouth Leisure Centre every day – have made this weight loss possible. As a centre we’re thrilled with this progress and very proud to have played a role in John’s success.”