Head-butt costs �340

AN EXMOUTH man who head-butted and smashed a police car window has been fined hundreds of pounds.

AN EXMOUTH man who head-butted and smashed a police car window has been fined hundreds of pounds.

Stephen Brian Bridges, 23, pleaded guilty on Tuesday, November 17, to a charge of disorderly behaviour outside Fahrenheit nightclub, and to one of criminal damage.

Bridges, who gave his address in court as The Buntons, was ordered to pay a total of �341.39 - including the cost of the car damage, valued at �76.39.

The court heard Bridges, who works as a timber framer, had been thrown out of Fahrenheit following an incident on October 31, but refused to leave.

When police arrived, he was shouting and swearing.

In the police car, he head butted the rear passenger window twice, breaking it the second time.

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Prosecuting, Karen Ball said he had drunk 10 pints and some vodka. He told police during an interview that he had fallen out with his best friend.

Bridges represented himself at Central Devon Magistrates' Court and said: "I'm sorry for doing it." When asked, he agreed alcohol had been a major factor in his behaviour.

Chairman of the bench Sheila Margaret said: "We are not going to tolerate this sort of behaviour and the police shouldn't have to put up with it either just because you are drunk."

She added that she hoped they would not see him in court again and said: "This isn't the first time you have done this Mr Bridges. What makes it keep happening? You're an adult - don't you think you should be doing something about it?"

The court heard Bridges also had an outstanding fixed penalty charge for public disorder in June. However, he told the court he had paid it and was ordered to provide a statement as proof.

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