Having a wheelie good time in Exmouth

Hospice worker Tim Harlow proved what a wheelie good time could be had fundraising when he spent three days on a unicycle to raise cash for Hospiscare.

Tim, who has worked at the Exeter Hospice for nine years, pedalled along Exmouth seafront as part of a 26-mile ‘uni-thon’ challenge, unicycling through Devon as part of the Day Hospice Appeal

Aiming to cycle most of the way unless faced by steep hills, Tim’s trip took him along Willand to Tiverton on day one, from Exmouth to Darts Farm, Topsham, on day two and the final leg from Exeter Quay to the charity’s centre in Dryden Road, Exeter.

Tim began mastering the unicycle four years ago after looking for an ‘unusual’ venture.

He said: “It attracted me on the grounds it’s illogical and unreasonable, but a lot of fun.

“I just looked up some tips on the internet one day and took it from there.”