Have respect

Firstly, I would like to praise Etta and Mr Appleby for tidying the church area, keeping it decent for those who use it.

Secondly, I sympathise and understand their frustration.

My son, James, is now six and picks up litter on the way to Marpool School.

Even though the council has provided bins, some litter is dropped close to the bins and we do find dog poo bags simply dropped.

It is about respect for each other and where we live.

For me, if I do not tidy, I am saying to my children that it is okay to mess up where we live - so we keep on tidying up. I hope people feel respected and cared for as we do it.

Since the church land is private, with a right of way, perhaps making it ‘No Dogs Allowed’ would help.

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Julia Lowrie

(via email).

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