Guilty of caring

PUBLISHED: 07:10 26 July 2013

I read with incredulity the article in last week's Exmouth Journal concerning the censure of Councillor Eileen Wragg ("Councillor's 'competence' jibe broke council code, says hearing", July 11).

Here we have a councillor found guilty of breaking some arcane code by writing a letter in defence of her constituents.

Surely, isn’t working for her constituents what her job is about? The cliché about lunatics taking over the asylum immediately sprang to mind.

Consider this: has anyone been sanctioned for there being no local plan in place for the district to stop developers running roughshod through our beautiful countryside?

Has anyone been sanctioned for shoddy and misleading consultations over a whole host of development and community asset sell-offs in Exmouth, such as Elizabeth Hall, which has led to the loss of a well-positioned community facility, or the lack of toilet facilities at the western end of the seafront and totally inadequate launching facilities in the docks?

Has anyone been sanctioned for the time it is taking to sort out the problems of Mamhead slipway, even though local businesses depend on it, or not bothering to listen to the electorate when 12,000 people sign a petition, or for certain councillors voting against the clear interests of Exmouth when they conflict with the wishes of their ruling party in Sidmouth?

If they have, it’s passed me by.

I am truly sorry if Richard Cohen was so traumatised by Cllr Wragg’s remarks that he, or someone, felt it necessary to bring a formal complaint against her.

What a shame that in the one-party dictatorship that is East Devon, it seems to be fine to bully and harass anyone who opposes or questions the ruling party’s line, especially if they are female, but not acceptable to represent one’s voters or fight for transparency regarding EDDC decisions.

Want to guess the type of councillor who will get my vote at the next election?

Mike Hinds

Cranford Avenue


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