We can all do something to reduce our carbon emissions

PUBLISHED: 16:30 22 January 2020 | UPDATED: 14:26 23 January 2020

Sarah Allen with her empty black bin. Ref exe 22 18TI 4419. Picture: Terry Ife

Sarah Allen with her empty black bin. Ref exe 22 18TI 4419. Picture: Terry Ife


Guest columnist Sarah Allen urges us to acknowledge climate change and do our bit to limit our impact on the planet.

The wild fire crisis in Australia should be a wake-up call for us all!

Here in Exmouth, literally the other side of the world, it can feel sad to hear what's happening in Australia, but it's easy to feel it's not really relevant to our lives.

However, this is a taste of climate change, showing how terrifying it can be (27 people dead and an estimated billion animals have died).

It also shows that climate change is definitely not just a scientific theory; it is something affecting the living planet right now.

I've heard some of the normal climate-denier stance and I can understand this, a little bit, as it's hard to accept the science and we don't, as yet, feel the changes in such a dramatic way.

However, I'd also say it's time to wake up and believe the science.

I lived in Australia for several years and wild fires are a regular occurrence in the summer.

What's different now is the number of fires and their intensity.

They are spreading more easily and harder to stop because our planet is warming up.

Australia is drier and hotter than it was.

The Met Office in Exeter has reviewed 57 peer-reviewed studies about the link between climate change and wildfire risk and all studies found that climate change increases the frequency or severity of fire-favourable weather conditions (New Scientist, 14.1.20).

We all have a responsibility to reduce carbon emissions and here in Exmouth there is plenty we can be doing to limit our impact on the planet.

I don't have space to list lots right now, but one great seasonal tip is to turn your heating thermostat down.

More tips on www.rhubarbandrunnerbeans.co.uk

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