Greens call for Masterplan rethink

The Exmouth Masterplan should be revised to cope with the effects of climate change, according to environmentalists.

The East Devon Green Party (EDGP) says that rising sea levels over the next century will threaten new buildings proposed by the plan.

The party also says that the plan should be more specific about any upgrades to the town’s sea defences, and should address the prospect of low-lying buildings having to be abandoned due to rising tides.

EDGP’s Henry Gent said: “The government has produced climate projections which planners are supposed to use, and Exmouth, because of its vulnerable position, is identified as being at risk.

“But, amazingly, the Exmouth Masterplan is almost silent on the threat posed by climate change.

“The response to the Consultation by the Exmouth Residents’ Association gives some alarming examples of the current threat of flooding.

“The future threat is much greater, and yet the planners are not taking that into consideration.”