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PUBLISHED: 07:00 26 July 2013

Not being a strong supporter of the what I believe is the mess that the councils have made of the Strand, it was however very good to see the space being used for the benefit of the people recently.

It was an event in support of organ donor charity work, promoted principally by Steve Gazzard, whose daughter sadly passed away earlier in the year, which is the reason behind his drive to recruit donors to the national register.

It just showed what it is possible to do without spending mega bucks of public money to put an event on, and not a fast food van or stall in sight, so any refreshments were bought from the local businesses!

As a result, it became party time in the Strand on a brilliant summer’s day, even when many who could have been there instead went to the beach.

The highlight for me was the sight of a not too young couple jiving to the music supplied by Bay FM later on in the afternoon.

Behind this event was a sad story as there often is. Steve Gazzard, who many know is visually disabled, had an unsigned objection lodged against his application to hold this event, which was, according to the objector, a reason for refusing him permission because he couldn’t see well enough to be in charge it.

Luckily, Jacquie Haywood from Franklins, in the Strand stepped in to become the joint promoter and to save the event from disaster.

Whosoever it was that objected should be ashamed of themselves for several reasons, mainly the cowardly way that, by putting up an unsigned objection, they hid their identity so that any blame could not be apportioned to them for a refusal to allow the event and secondly for using a disability as an excuse for their objection.

The organisation and success of this event should bring a strong message to the town council, that the big-spending events put on there by them are much too costly and that they could easily be promoted and run by unpaid volunteers and councillors, so saving both the event costs and the salaries that are paid to employees to put them on.

Ron Roberts

Littlemead Lane


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