Ex-tree-mely good response to Rotary saplings giveaway in Exmouth

 Ruth Dillon, Carolyn Hallett, Keith Phillips and Jane Williams from Exmouth Rotary

Ruth Dillon, Carolyn Hallett, Keith Phillips and Jane Williams from Exmouth Rotary at the tree giveaway in Phear Park, Exmouth - Credit: Exmouth Rotary

Around 160 tree saplings were given away free of charge to Exmouth residents on Saturday, November 27. 

Exmouth Rotary distributed the trees in Phear Park as part of the Devon Wildlife Trust Saving Devon’s Treescapes project, which will see 250,000 trees planted across the county to replace those lost to Ash Dieback. 

The trees included rowan, crab apple, birch, oak, field maple, guelder rose and goat willow. The trust will be following up to find out how many of them survive.

Carolyn Hallett, the environment lead for Exmouth Rotary, said: “It was so cold on Saturday, but the warmth of the Exmothians who turned out to collect their free trees made it worthwhile.  

“Over the course of three hours we gave away about 160 tree saplings, mostly to individual residents for their gardens, but some to people who are maintaining a Devon hedge or a community space. Many of the remaining trees went to Exmouth in Bloom for their collaboration with the Exmouth Tree Project. 

“It is so heartening to see the response from Exmouth to this event. We should be proud that Exmouth will be a greener place and contributing to the fight against climate change.” 

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