Re-surfacing work in Exmouth street branded an 'absolute mess'

exmouth grange avenue

Grange Avenue resident, Chris Barraclough is unhappy with the pavement outside his home. - Credit: Chris Barraclough.

Residents in Grange Avenue are unhappy with recent pavement re-surfacing work.

Devon County Council contractors came to resurface the pavement in April, but residents are complaining that after some disruption while it was taking place, the finished job is not pretty. 

exmouth grange avenue

Weeds growing out between the new and old pavement surface. - Credit: Chris Barraclough.

The pavement has been resurfaced but not to the level of the Tarmac laid on residents' driveways, they said, leaving a gap from their driveway to the start of the pavement.

Their complaints also include that it hasn't been de-weeded, meaning plants have grown between private property driveways and the new pavement.


The uneven and old pavement surface on Grange Avenue. - Credit: Chris Barraclough.

In a section outside Mr Barraclough's home, the water meter inspection chambers were surfaced over, meaning Devon County Council had to come back at a later date to dig them back up again, leaving a dent, as you can see below.

grange avenue

Some of the water meter inspection chambers which has resulted in the pavement being dug up to find them again. - Credit: Chris Barraclough.

According to one resident in Grange Avenue, Chris Barraclough, the pavement was surfaced over the original surface, not properly weeded and even covered a water manhole - which was later repaired. 

"While obviously the work needs to be carried out, but the pavement wasn't that bad before Devon County Council came along to re-surface it," he said.

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Mr Barraclough also said a black coating had been left splattered up his garden wall, from when the work was being carried out, and was not cleared up by workers on completion. 

east devon

The dips in the pavement has collected rainwater. - Credit: Chris Barraclough.

Residents have contacted Devon County Council to resolve the issue, but haven't heard anything back, or even had acknowledgment their emails are being read, he added.

They have now contacted East Devon MP, Simon Jupp to carry the issue forward for them.

A DCC spokesperson said: “The intention of the  maintenance work was to prolong the life of the footway through the application of a water proof sealing coat.

“To fully prevent water from further damaging the underlying surface the contractor had to cover the joints at the front and back of the path, which can give a small ‘lip’ against the walls.

“As is standard practice, once the work has settled down it will be inspected and any remaining defects will be recorded and rectified.”