Grandiose idea

I thought the council was trying to save money, so why do we need a new building in The Strand Gardens?

What is it for?

We have a stage in the Manor Gardens and lots of cafes surrounding the Strand area. How will small cafes survive? Does the council wish to put others out of business and produce more empty premises. This will not enhance the look of the town for visitors.

Exmouth is a small town. Grandiose ideas do not suit it.

This building will stand out like a sore thumb. It does not fit in with the surrounding buildings.

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The council should concentrate on ways to save money, not waste it.

If they wish to move the information centre, why not use an empty shop. In my opinion, the centre is fine where it is.

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Should they put the building to the vote?

Stella Membry

166 Salterton Road, Exmouth.

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