Graham’s latest World War Two novel explores ‘truths, half-truths and straight forward lies’

Last Flight to Stalingrad. Picture: Graham Hurley

Last Flight to Stalingrad. Picture: Graham Hurley - Credit: Graham Hurley

The latest offering from a ‘much-published’ Exmouth author follows the ‘fraught’ relationships between a Georgian journalist and the Nazi minister of propaganda during World War Two.

Last Flight to Stalingrad is the fifth book in Graham Hurley’s World War Two series – The Spoils of War.

The latest book features the relationship between journalist Mikhail Magalashvili and Joseph Goebbels.

Mr Hurley, who recognises the series is a departure from his previous crime series, said the book is about ‘truths, half-truths and straight forward lies’.

He added: “In the age of fake news, it has lots to say about where we currently find ourselves. But there’s something else going on here, too, something infinitely more personal.”

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Mr Hurley said the World War Two series has offered him the opportunity to mix real characters such as Goebbels with fiction ones like Magalashvili.

He added: “This is a very different challenge to writing series crime fiction, and involves a mountain of historical research, but lockdown has been perfect as I start the seventh book in the series, which makes me a very happy scribe.

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“Book six, incidentally, is called Kyiv, and will be published in July, 2021.”

Mr Hurley said the book was a ‘deliberate departure’ from crime books – after writing 16 ‘cri-fi’ novels with the last four all set in East Devon.

He added: “I was beginning to tire of the police interview room and wanted to get back to bigger, slightly bolder books.”

The Exmouth-based author decided he wasn’t happy building a series around a single character so instead pitched the idea of ‘soft-linkage’.

“In essence, this means creating a central core of characters who come and go throughout the series, sometimes downstage, sometimes not,” said Mr Hurley.

“A handful are Brits. Others are German. A couple are American. But as the series develops, they interlink, deepening their own story and the series as a whole.”

Publisher Zeus agreed, and five books later he is preparing to release his sixth and a seventh is ‘in the works’.

Last Flight to Stalingrad will be available to buy from January.

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