Glebelands life improves

OFFICERS responsible for policing Lympstone are delighted with the success of fulfilling PACT targets.

OFFICERS responsible for policing Lympstone are delighted with the success of fulfilling PACT targets.

Quality of life for people living in the Glebelands area, issues related to Candys Field and the possibility of a skate park for the village were set as priorities at the first meeting held last May.

PC Simon Halloran and PCSO Sarah Trayhurn are pleased with the work undertaken to redress and look into the matters.

Speaking about work carried out in and around Glebelands, PCSO Trayhurn said: "The area has much improved with the removal of vehicles and some gardens and house fronts being tidied up.

"East Devon District Council have spoken to a number of tenants about the condition of their properties.

"The dog mess appears to be better and the environmental officer has visited addresses to speak to dog owners identified as offenders.

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"Anti social behaviour has reduced dramatically due to better communication and relationships with the police.

"General feedback is that the quality of life for residents has improved and it has returned to being a nice place to live.

"A lot of residents have commented that there has been an improvement and it has returned to how it was."

Regarding Candys Field, PCSO Trayhurn said: "A lot of time has been spent on education through media, visits from environmental health officers and dog wardens, and more bins and signage organised by the parish council."

PCSO Trayhurn warned that police would be implementing enforcement measures in future should such a problem recur.

Reflecting on the work the police, partner agencies and elements of the community have done, she said: "I am really pleased with the success of PACT.

"Everybody has worked so hard. It is gratifying to get positive feedback from people that the priorities have been met.

"I would like more feedback from the public with a view of issuing new priorities."

The next PACT meeting in on October 13. If people have any concerns or ideas for new priorities, suggestion forms can be put into PACT boxes located in Londis and the post office.

For more information, contact PCSO Sarah Trayhurn on 08452 777444 or email: