Gifts to Exmouth stolen in burglary

An engraved dagger and a slew of other ceremonial gifts bequeathed to Exmouth have been stolen from the town hall.

Intruders smashed the glass and ransacked the display cabinet in the first floor committee room between 5pm, on Friday, October 14 at and 8pm, on Monday, October 17.

Among the items taken was an engraved dagger, presented to the town by the Royal Marines and an engraved bugle from the Devon and Dorset’s marking Exmouth’s adoption of the regiment.

Other irreplaceable gifts including engraved silverware, plaques and embossed pottery, symbolising more than 40 years of friendship with Exmouth’s twin town’s of Langewehe and Dinan, were also taken.

However, the burglars left many of the cups and silverware on top of the cabinet, on shelves and in other parts of the building.

Town clerk John Wokersien said: “All the items are engraved so whoever stole them won’t be able to sell them on the open market so it was pointless.

“It is very upsetting – they were gifts presented to the town and it is very sad that someone would stoop so low.”

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Mayor Sandy Sutton said: “The items represent the bond between the town, its twins and the armed forces.

“If anybody sees any of these items being sold, I would appeal to them to come forward and tell the police.”

Sergeant Phil Godfrey of Exmouth police said: “There where no signs of forced entry. The offender, or offenders, searched a number of rooms including the committee room, where they smashed the glass to the cabinet and removed the items.

“It’s really important we get these items back.

“We appeal to anybody with information, no matter how small, to call us.”

You can call 101 quoting crime reference number: KE/11/2717.

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