Genette Tate: Six mediums and Herald editor stage anniversary vigil

The Journal s sister newspaper, The Midweek Herald, marked the 31st anniversary of the disappearance of Genette Tate by spending last Wednesday night with six mediums at a location in Withen Lane, Aylesbeare, from where the teenager vanished on August 19 1978.

The Journal's sister newspaper, The Midweek Herald, marked the 31st anniversary of the disappearance of Genette Tate by spending last Wednesday night with six mediums at a location in Withen Lane, Aylesbeare, from where the teenager vanished on August 19 in 1978.

Despite exhaustive police inquiries, Genette has never been found.

Herald editor Belinda Bennett was an independent witness during the mediums' meeting and recorded what was said. The information gleaned cannot be interpreted as fact, but could throw new light on what has become the longest-running missing person inquiry in England.

The Herald is to send the full set of notes, taken during the night, to Devon and Cornwall Constabulary.

The mediums who attended Withen Lane on August 19 came forward in a bid to see if they could help, because no trace of Genette Tate has been found in the 31 years since she went missing. They approached the Herald after reading the newspaper's recent story about her disappearance.

"We are not seeking any glory, just want to see if we can help," said their spokesman. They have asked not to be named.

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'Genette is happy and at peace'

One of six mediums, who met in Withen Lane on the anniversary of Genette Tate's disappearance, claimed to have made a psychic connection with the missing schoolgirl.

"She was in the car with me as I was travelling here. I can see her face, with dimples," said the medium.

During the course of the evening, the medium revealed: "Genette is present. She was really, really happy on the day she was abducted. She was excited about something that was going to happen.

"She is stuck in time. She wants to remain in the happy state she was in before she was abducted.

"She doesn't want to re-live what happened to her."

The medium, a woman, had a strong sense that Genette was not murdered in the vicinity of Withen Lane.

"I don't think she'd come through to us here if this was the spot," she said.

However, it was sensed that Genette suffered a scratched knee at the site of her abduction.

The mediums had a strong sense that Genette was not targeted by her abductor - she was just in the wrong place at the wrong time.

He was familiar with the area, not a stranger, but Genette did not know him, they said.

Most importantly, the mediums felt Genette was at peace and happy, and there was no need to "move her on".

Did kite children see abductor?

WERE you flying a kite in or near Aylesbeare on the morning of Saturday, August 19, in 1978 or the day before?

Mediums, who held a vigil at a spot in Withen Lane, from where Genette Tate vanished 31 years ago, believe children flying a kite prior to the disappearance "had a lucky escape".

The youngsters could have come face-to-face with Genette's abductor. The mediums are adamant the abductor is still alive.

After more than three decades and exhaustive police inquiries, no trace of Genette has ever been found.

The vigil was held after a group of mediums offered to try and glean new information. It was staged between 9pm and 10.35pm on Wednesday last week.

Within 10 minutes of assembling in Withen Lane, the possible kite link was revealed.

A medium described the kite as "triangular, with four segments - red, blue, yellow and green".

There was a very strong sense among the mediums that no motorised vehicle was used to carry Genette away from Withen Lane.

At least two of the mediums said they felt she had been marched through a field, being pushed from behind.

They believed she was gagged and, from the field, she had been taken to either a caravan or outbuilding.

However, she was moved from there to a place unknown but not in the immediate area, it was alleged. The mediums were certain Genette is dead.

For reasons the Midweek Herald is not prepared to disclose, the mediums did not sense a burial site.

At least two of the mediums experienced sensations of tightening around the throat, leading them to believe Genette could have been strangled.

Suspects are 'seen' by mediums

Mediums identified two possible suspects in the Genette Tate missing person inquiry.

At the outset of the vigil last Wednesday, a medium said he could see "a lady with grey hair and glasses". She was "on the small side", he said.

She was tearful and referred repeatedly to a caravan.

The medium said the man who lived in the caravan was her lodger and that he frightened her.

He was described as very dark-skinned, but dirty, scruffy, with very dark hair, which was thick and possibly curly, and of a small build. He was no older than in his early 30s in 1978, but most likely in his late 20s.

A medium could see him in farm worker's clothes.

A name was given, which the Midweek Herald is not revealing for legal reasons. Two names were given for the elderly woman. The mediums said she is dead.

"He was seen around, but not taken much notice of," said one of the mediums.

"He just hung around the area."

Two vehicles were noted next to the caravan during the vigil. One medium saw a mini and another saw a Morris 8. Both vehicles were dark-coloured.

The second suspect was menacing. A medium had a strong sense of someone coming from behind.

He was described as "bald, forceful, a bruiser of a man, quite threatening". The mediums sensed he is still alive and that, in 1978, he could have been part of a travelling community, with a link to the East Devon area.

The bald man was seen by one of the mediums wearing a wide belt, with a big buckle and horse tack was nearby.