‘I’m in it to win it’ says Labour Party election candidate

Daniel Wilson, the Labour Party candidate for East Devon. Picture: Daniel Fox

Daniel Wilson, the Labour Party candidate for East Devon. Picture: Daniel Fox - Credit: Daniel Fox/Vibrant Pulse

‘I’m in it to win it’ – Labour’s East Devon candidate is confident of become the region’s next MP.

Daniel Wilson, 37, from Exmouth, is predicting that the Labour Party will win the East Devon seat for the first time in the party's history.

Speaking to this title, he said many Labour Party members accepted people vote for the Conservatives but wants to change that mentality.

Mr Wilson also said independent candidate Claire Wright has benefitted from tactical voting in the last two elections and predicts that will not happen this time.

He said: "We (the Labour Party) accepted that people were voting Conservative in East Devon.

"I wouldn't be satisfied unless we win.

"I wanted to stand because we have got so many vulnerable people and a Labour government can support them.

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"I am not in it to do better than we have previously, I am in it to win it."

Mr Wilson, who has lived in East Devon for nearly 20 years, said he has been surprised by the issues residents are worried about, saying Brexit has taken a back seat to public services, the NHS and education.

He added that he was concerned when headteachers told him they only get £300 per pupil in funding.

Mr Wilson said: "That cannot happen without making a massive difference to students.

"We all want our children to get a great education but the schools have lost a lot of teaching assistants."

He said he is 'chuffed' to push the Labour Party manifesto on environmental issues, which he says the Conservatives have a 'poor' record in.

He believes the only way to have any chance to achieve Brexit, is to have a second referendum, adding that without one, the process could still take years.

Mr Wilson, who unsuccessfully stood as a candidate in the district council elections in May 2019, said: "Brexit is coming to the end, but the problems of welfare will last forever and people can see the big picture."

Mr Wilson, who is a father-of-three, said standing in a general election is the 'biggest honour' in his professional life.

Voters go to the polls on Thursday, December 12.

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