Garden party thanks for students

An Exmouth man has done his bit for European relations after inviting three Spanish language students to a garden party.

Bob Langton, 80, made the invitation after 16-year-old Miguel Garcia helped him with his mobile phone at Exeter Central railway station.

To show his gratitude, Bob, a retired RAF Wing Commander, invited Miguel, along with his friends Andrea Molina, 15, and Pablo Espinosa, 15, to visit his house in Springfield Road for a traditional English cream tea.

The students are in Exmouth for three weeks, studying English at the Mountlands language school.

Bob said: “My phone came up with a symbol I didn’t understand, and I saw Miguel and his friends and assumed he was an English student, so I went over and asked if he could help.

“He cured the problem for me, so I asked them, on the spur of the moment, if they would come and have a cream tea in my garden.”

Director of Mountlands Ella Tyler said: “It is always nice to hear of the positive ways our students interact with local people. The students have been really excited about visiting Mr Langton’s house. They will take away memories of Exmouth and its people that will stay with them for the rest of their lives.”

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